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About Us

Corporate & Lifestyle Photography

I specialize in conceptual & personality photography and cater to corporations, professionals, and the fashion industry for commercial work. Additionally, I also offer services for lifestyle & family photography.


I am an entrepreneur, coach, and photographer driven by my unwavering passion for capturing unique images of every person I encounter in my life. Whether it's in a corporate setting, at home, with family, or while living out their dreams, I strive to tell a story with each individual I photograph.
I take the time to get to know them and understand what drives them, then create an atmosphere that reflects their true personality. With every portrait, I aim to create an image that will stay with them for a lifetime. As a natural perfectionist, I put in meticulous effort, working on each portrait with passion and love.
I believe this is reflected in my body of work, and I eagerly anticipate creating more portraits and pictorials in the future.


Having worked as a photographer in both New York and Canada, I've been fortunate enough to shoot fashion and lifestyle campaigns for a range of fashion brands, designers, magazines, and film events. Notably, in New York, I shot the entire catalog for Levi Strauss, as well as numerous corporate and business photoshoots.
I've collaborated with film directors on ad films and have directed a few of my own. Interacting with people from diverse backgrounds is one of my favorite aspects of my work, and I'm always eager to create a diverse portfolio that reflects a variety of personalities and lifestyles.


I like to discuss before I shoot. A session to understand what you need and brainstorm a few concepts

Props etc.

My shots are all done with a white, black background and minimalistic in style. For composites I use green screen backgrounds. We will arrange props or styling during this session.


We will shoot several pictures to achieve the desired effect and result that we sketched or planned in our first session


In post production will show you couple of options with the background selected and then create the final picture